smart home equipment based on the Internet of Things

Building Management System (bms)

All equipment required for building management system (bms) is produced by Goldware  Company.

We meet all your smart building needs. Among the smart equipment produced by Goldware, the following can be mentioned:

Smart touch switch, smart built-in and panel relays, smart touch panel, smart thermostat and… 
In addition, we also produce non-smart touch keys.

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Goldware smart home

Goldware is a knowledge-based company active in the field of smart gadgets and smart home equipment. We entered the field of production with the support of 10 years of smart projects with world-renowned brands in order to provide appropriate services.

We have always put quality at the forefront of our work. Goldware products have achieved international standards. All our products have a 10-year warranty and after-sales service.

Relying on the knowledge and expertise of its technical team, in addition to producing smart home products, Goldware Company is able to customize all electronic equipment and smart gadgets. Just tell us the specifications of the product you want.

Goldware Smart Home Solutions

 In use Buildings

To make the building in use smarter, just replace the traditional keys with a smart touch key.

The next step is to connect the keys and ... to the Internet. Wi-Fi products connect directly to the Internet. Other products connect to the Internet using the Gateway device.

After connecting to the Internet, you can easily control the electrical equipment with a mobile phone.

 Under construction buildings

We have 2 different solutions to make the building under construction smarter. The first solution is to use a wireless smart system, in which case the wiring is performed in the traditional way, and only the smart key is used instead of the traditional keys.
The second solution is to use wired equipment. In this method, in addition to performing traditional wiring, a standard fashion-bus cable is pulled between the switch boxes to the electrical panel.
Once the smart system is up and running, easily control the electrical systems from anywhere in the world.

Download the WIFI system android App

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BMS training

In addition to the smart home articles presented in our blog, Goldware company, in line with its educational mission, conducts a smart building training course based on the Internet of Things.

To register and get more information about the smart homee training course, click on the link below.

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